Safety for your baby

Every parent only wants the best for their little baby and safety is always a big topic when it comes to new-borns and new time mothers. It may seem scary being a first time mum and knowing what the best thing is for you and your baby, especially with all the controversial information out there… you don’t know what to believe. We, at Widgey Pillows, completely understand you and know the struggles. As a company that specializes only in baby goods; pregnancy pillow, feeding pillows, cot bumpers and many more must-haves.

The market is full of varieties of items which are for the safety of your child. But we believe that a cot bumper is something that is a huge necessity for a baby cot and is perfect to ease all of the concerns you may have for your baby as a parent.

Cot Bumpers-

One thing about different cot bumpers over the internet (that you should be careful about) is that many cot bumpers could lead to child suffocation risk. So you need to be careful when picking out the cot bumper for you. A thick material of cot bumper can cause your baby to sweat or overheat. This is the major reason for which you are recommended to purchase the cot bumper with breathable fabric, preferably cotton as a substitute of foam filling.

This is where a Widgey Pillows breathable cot bumper comes in. The perfect cot bumper for your baby for which there is no substitute. A cot bumper that will deliver a solution with complete peace of mind. Widgey Pillows offer you a breathable cot bumper using a patented safebreathe fabric which allows air to circulate which means that no matter how close you baby gets to the bumper; there is not risk of suffocation.

We have a 4 sided cot bumper as well as a 2 sided cot bumper to fit to any cot you may have. With no dangerous ties or cords this cot bumper is mesh to keep your baby protected at all times.  Our cot bumpers are hypoallergenic and have a 100 per cent cotton surface to care for baby's delicate skin

As a parent, you don’t want to miss out on this must-have item to ensure no more sleepless nights worrying about your baby’s safety.