Types of Maternity Pillows

There are many different types of maternity pillows out there. A pregnancy pillow is known by many names including; maternity pillows, feeding pillow and side sleeper pillow. Whatever you wish to call it, buying a pregnancy pillow is one of the best investments when you are pregnant. Often when you are pregnant, it can be difficult to get quality rest and sleep which then impacts on how you function the following day. Backache increases and pregnancy hormones play havoc on your entire body; which again, can prevent you from getting a good night sleep.

Here are the different types of pregnancy pillows you can invest in-

C-shaped pregnancy –

This pillow is in the shape of a C which helps the pregnancy and maternity pillows to curve around your entire body to support both your back and your bump. This particular shape can also be used for feeding your baby after it is born. Post-birth you’ll find a baby nursing pillow a lifesaver when it comes to the busy feeding schedule, offering indispensable help when bottle feeding or breastfeeding your baby.

Inflatable Pillows-

A pillow for when you are on the go. A compact, portable and lightweight pillow, perfect for holidays, overnight stays and trips out and about. You are never left without your precious pillow which gives you maximum support. These inflatable pillows are better used for feeding your new born, however is still great when pregnant.

Plus Pillow-

This pillow is a larger pillow and often the preferred pillow for pregnant women around the world. A long pillow which can be moulded to the contours of your body shape, offering support for you and your growing baby bump. A pillow you can wrap your body around for the best possible sleep you can get.

There are a multitude of different pregnancy and feeding pillows. They key is to find one that works best for you and gets you the best sleep you can. We recommend a pillow that you can use after you give birth to help with feeding your newborn. A trusted pillow that we recommend for you is the Widgey 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow. A C-shaped pillow, a multi-use pregnancy, nursing and baby pillow for use during pregnancy and for when the baby arrives.