About Us

Widgey Pillows is the home of the leading pregnancy, baby and feeding pillows. We have been helping to take the strain out of pregnancy for more than 25 years with our best-selling range of sleep and nursing pillows and have gained the respect and support of midwives and obstetric and feeding specialists.

We maintain a neutral position on feeding choices and recognise that it is every mother’s right to determine what is best for her baby and family when it comes to nursing. Our pillows can be used to support you in your parenting journey regardless of whether you choose to bottlefeed or breastfeed your baby.

Our award-winning pregnancy pillows have traditionally been sold at major household stores like John Lewis, Boots and Mamas and Papas but as the retail landscape has changed, we have decided to sell direct to you, the customer, to offer a great degree of control, convenience and value for money. We’ve used our expertise to extend our range to include other pregnancy and baby essentials including safe sleep solutions, practical weaning products and baby shower gifts that will make parenting more enjoyable.

Pregnancy and parenthood is a magical journey, and our mission is to support and inspire you with our range of hand-selected must-have mother and baby essentials.