Pregnancy & Feeding Pillows

There are some pregnancy essentials that you really can’t manage without and a good pregnancy pillow to support you, and baby, is one of them. We know this because Widgey Pillows is the UK’s leading pregnancy and feeding pillow brand, endorsed by midwives and loved by parents the world over.

We’ve been supporting mums and families for more than 25 years and we’re parents ourselves, so we speak from a position of experience, authority and trust. We’re proud to say our feeding, sleep and baby pillows are the best pregnancy pillows on the market.

Whatever your stage of pregnancy or motherhood, Widgey Pillows have a solution that will improve your life, offer support, and help you feed and sleep better and more safely.

Both our Widgey Classic Feeding Pillow and Widgey Plus Pregnancy and Sleep pillows are multifunctional and can be used from the outset of pregnancy right through to the fourth trimester and beyond. They’re even used outside of pregnancy and motherhood for back support and for super-comfy relaxing.

The Classic Widgey pillow offers much-needed support during pregnancy, relieving backache and getting comfy with your bump. Post birth you’ll find it a lifesaver when it comes to the busy feeding schedule, offering indispensable help when bottlefeeding or breastfeeding your baby. Dads, grandparents and other caregivers can get in on the act too! Once your baby can sit unaided and support their own head, they can be placed in the curve of the pillow and enjoy relaxation time in their very own baby nest. You can also use the Widgey Classic pillow for tummy time to encourage your developing baby to strengthen the muscles in their neck.

The Widgey Plus can be used independently or in tandem with the Widgey Classic but is often the preferred choice of pregnant women who have trouble getting into a comfortable position to optimise their sleep. The Widgey plus body pillow is a longer, more pliable option and can be moulded to the contours of your unique body shape, offering support for your growing bump, easing pressure points between the knees and ankles and also preventing you from rolling over onto your front.  

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