Widgey 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow Blue Star Design
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Baby Feeding on Widgey 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow Blue Star
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Back Support Widgey 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow

Widgey 4-in-1 Nursing Pillow – Blue Star

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This midwife-approved nursing pillow reduces the aches and pains associated with breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby by improving your posture during feeds. With wide, curved edges and a firm inner cushion, it supports your arm and your elbow, prevents you from slouching and reduces the strain on your neck, shoulders and upper back. Its horseshoe shape and sturdy structure also make it an ideal tummy-time aid and play nest for your baby.

  • Horseshoe-shaped nursing pillow
  • Use for breastfeeding or bottle feeding 
  • Firm support
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Breathable inner cushion
  • Fully machine washable
  • Tumble dryer safe
  • Can also be used as a lower-back support
  • Perfect as a tummy-time aid and Sit Me Up for your baby