Widgey 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow Blue Star Design
Widgey 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow Main Pregnancy
Baby Feeding on Widgey 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow Blue Star
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Back Support Widgey 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow

Widgey 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow - Blue Star

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The UK's leading feeding and maternity pillow. Extremely versatile and supportive, the Widgey can be used during pregnancy to support your back when seated and to relieve pregnancy backache. Place between the knees while resting or sleeping, or use as a wedge to rest under your tummy when lying on your side.

When baby arrives it becomes an indispensable aid for breastfeeding and bottle feeding and helps to support baby and take the strain off your arms. The pillow is strong and firm and has been recommended by midwives. As your baby grows and develops, you can sit them within the curve of the cushion and even use for tummy time.

  • 5-in-1 multi-use pregnancy, nursing and baby pillow for use during pregnancy and for feeding baby
  • Relieves pregnancy backache. Use behind lower back when seated for maximum comfort. Can be placed between knees and ankles to relieve tension and wedged underneath bumps for extra support and relief
  • Essential for breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Supports baby and helps to take the strain off arms when feeding. Can be used by dads and other caregivers too
  • Can be used as a baby nest when your child can sit unaided or for tummy time
  • Firm and durable, and recommended by midwives. Removable 100 per cent cotton machine washable cover

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